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Thursday, 7 September 2017

Speech, Overreacting 2017!

Have you ever over reacted about something and not even noticed? Yeah, I'm guessing your probably have. It's because we just do it and not care about it, until someone points it out.

I mean, it can be easy to overreact about something so small and pathetic. Like that one time…

My brother was sitting on a couch, he was whistling his favourite song. Out of nowhere a fly jumped out at him. I was watching him from my window. All I could see is him screaming his head off.
 How much do you need to overreact about a FLY. How much do you need to overreact about something so small and so harmless. What will they do? They might spread germs. But, it's not like it would give you the plague or anything… Or will it?

Anyways, away from the fly over reaction. I also remember that time when…

My friends and I were sitting down, munching on some lunch. We were just chatting about normal things. One of my friends Ruby pointed at the wall.
“A- A.” She hesitated, “A SPIDER!!!!!”
Lila and Rosa my other friends, went scrambling over to where Ruby was sitting.
That left me and the spider there, staring at the deserted playground.

My Mom says that I overreact, I don't think I do. Okay, maybe sometimes I do. But not often. But I do remember this one time when I did overreact.

My brother was staring into my eyes, I was getting annoyed at him but I wanted to keep my anger in. He just kept staring at me, I shuffled my leg around and screamed at him…
He looked at me.
“Over reaction.” He grinned. I frowned.

Overall, I think most people over react over stupid things and they would probably not even notice when they over react. When someone over reacts, someone brave has to point it out. The person that was over reacting usually hesitates and says…
“Me? I didn't over react.”
If they say that, just say…
“Sure.” But say it sarcastically.

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