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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Wanui Camp 2017

 “Wake up! Chop chop!” The teacher growled.
I jump out of bed, my hair frizzing everywhere.

A few hours later, I found myself about to shoot an arrow.
“No, that's all wrong!” One of the teachers snapped.
“Well, I thought…” I tried to finish but he cut in.
“Remember stand in your snowboarding stance, and let the arrow fly.”
So that's exactly what I did, I saw the arrow flying through the air. It twisted, it turned and it finally hit somewhere, but guess what? It hit the hay bale… Wow!
“Nice job Gabby!” Ollie awkwardly smiled. (Ollie was our instructor for archery). I trudged into the red zone to get my arrow.
I trudged up the hill, and down, down to high ropes…

“Do it!” Ollie yelled. If you're wondering what I am doing, I'm trying to get to the top of high ropes.
 I looked over to him, and frowned.
“I can't, it's too hard!”
He rolled his eyes. “Stand up, and I'll tell you what to do next.”
So that's what I did, I wobbled around as I clutched to the bar that was above me. I stood there and called out to Ollie.
“I did it!” He didn't seem to bothered.
“Just pull yourself up.” He mumbled loudly.

One day later…

‘Goodbye camp,’ I thought, as I frowned and waved.
I looked over my shoulder, everybody was chatting. Loudly.
I sat there, arms crossed. I heard the kids at the back singing in this horrible tune, that made my ears pop.
I wanted to thank them because my ears were dead.


  1. Hi gabs

    You have really moved up to the next step on your writing you can really make your writing be detailed and made your writing improved bye doing some funny things. I LOVE your photo to. You have done really well

    Thanks Lila 🙂

  2. Wow Gabby, your writing really does exactly say what camp was like. You really described camp exactly how it was like.
    I really love the part how it says " I trudged up the hill, and down,down to high ropes."
    I love that bit so much because you bounce from archery to high ropes.
    Great writing gabby I can't wait to read your next peace of writing.