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Thursday, 15 June 2017

The Shop Disaster

I was riveted to the spot, everybody staring at me. I clutched to the clothes hanger that was in my hand.

Actually how about we start from the beginning… 
“I'm just going to get some new earrings.” Mum smiled. “Stay here.” 
And that's what I did, well for a while anyway. I saw just in the corner of my eye, it was a cute bunny onesie, I couldn't resist it. 
So I walked up to it and stood there staring at it, then I said to myself. Mum won't mind if I go and try it on, will she? 
So that's exactly what I did, I took it off the hook and ran to the changing room. 
A while later I came out. 
I went to look for Mum, but she wasn't there. My mind was swimming, I didn't know what to do. 
Mum said that I should've stayed there, but I didn't. I now regret it. 
Then out of nowhere I heard the loudspeaker below. 
For some reason when it's you that has been called, people always seem to know that it's you so they stare at you. 
I decided to go after a few minutes of just standing there and when I did get there I saw Mum tapping her foot and frowning at me. 
“I said for you to stay, while I was finding some new earrings,” she grumbled. 
“Well, sorry.” I moaned. She frowned once again… 
“Not good enough.” 

Self reflection 

Our class has been working on a piece of writing about when you have been cheeky, it was really fun to write about. 
I also hope we write something like this again. My punctuation was fabulous, I even helped others that needed help.  So I think for my punctuation extended abstract.  I also used some bright sparks words. But if I had to rate myself it’ll probably be multistructural. But overall for my whole piece of writing I will rate myself on a scale of one to ten… eight! 

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