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Monday, 26 June 2017

Science Journal 6

This week, we were making some creations. There were three choices, when I say choices. (I mean the teachers choice). I made a parachute. When I had finished I let the parachute go outside.
It fell down really fast. I think that's because it was bigger than the others, so it would have more weight than the smaller ones. 
If I were to make it again, I'd try to make the strings more even than they were before. Because that made an impact on the whole parachute, it made it bumpier. When it was bumpy it just flew to the side, and tumbled down. 
I wonder if we didn't have the string or the bottle cap, it might not work. 
I also wonder what would happen if I made the parachute really big. It would probably not even glide and it might just fall down.

Overall, I have placed myself on relational, because I can connect my ideas together and they flow nicely. I really want to keep making new creations, because it's really fun. I can learn a lot from it. 

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