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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Science Jornual 5: Flight.

This week, our science class has been working on flight. We were having a debate if flying squirrels fly, or glide. And if flying snakes fly, or glide.

 There is a difference between the two, gliding is where you move smoothly through the air. But you do it without effort, or resistance. Flying is, passing through the air, flapping your wings (if you're a bird). So there is a difference, not a huge one.

I think that flying snakes fly, because I've heard of them before. They are called… Chrysopelea.
We were also learning about the four forces, I can tell you them and what the mean…

Thrust- The forward force required to move a plane through the air.
Drag- A force that acts against thrust, and slows the airplane down.
Lift- To move, or bring something upward from the ground.
Weight- The amount or quantity of heaviness.

I wonder what would happen if… We didn't have forces. I think our planes wouldn't be able to work, because we wouldn’t be able to lift the plane without lift!
Overall I love learning about flight, and I think my data gathering would be Multistructural, because I can connect my ideas from my observations. I want to learn way more about it in the future.

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