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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Science Journal

Where have I placed myself for
Gathering data
Engaging in science after today's experiment?

This morning all the classes had to make some slime to pour over Mr. Anderson's head. We had to make it runny so it could pour over his head easily. We made it smell good, by putting some vanilla essences in, but later on the smelly smell came back. Most of the slime was really chunky with big barnacles. Our class made the slime with water, food colouring, cornflour and vanilla essences.
I was multistructural at Gathering data because I was listening, taking it in, but not doing it to my best ability. But I was following others that were doing it to their best capability.

I was relational at Inferencing because, I understood what I could do and I connect my ideas.

This week our class has been learning about science. We we’re doing a project about rocket balloons, we had to get two chairs, a long piece of string, a balloon and a straw.
You had to thread the straw through the string, then tape the string to the chair.
Blow the balloon up and then watch it fly!

I was buddies Rosa, we had to make sure our observations were accurate.
To make them accurate we had to watch the balloon and observe from that.
We had a sheet to write down our observations, we had see, think and wonder.
We had to also make connections with things we have in common.
I think I was multistructural at this learning because, I could connect with a lot of things.
Overall me and Rosa did well, and I wouldn't mind to do it again.

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