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Monday, 10 April 2017

Responsible citizen reflection

This term we were writing about responsible citizens.
When I first started doing my Responsible citizen writing, my mind was blank of what to do.

So I decided to ask the teacher for some feedback after I had done one quality.
The teacher said it was good, so I wrote another quality.

I learnt off my writing how to become a responsible citizen, how to be trustworthy give things back if I borrow it.

I asked Neve if I could use her pen she said give it back when you're finished. In about two minutes I returned it back to her.

Also, I think I volunteer for a lot of things. I am helping Ruby.I with her Radio DJ. I volunteered to get interviewed by her, I’m helping her by getting the job done that she needs to get done.

My project will help little kids that need help with being a responsible citizens, and like my friends and I, they will return each other's things.

Overall I would rate my understanding for being a responsible citizen, relational. Because I could connect my ideas together.

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