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Thursday, 16 March 2017

I am a Limo

I am a limo,
extending my ideas.

I am a castle,
that reaches to the stars.

I am a little garden,
that grows when it learns.

I am a watermelon,
dripping with knowledge.

I am a cupcake,
sprinkles all over.

I am a little sweater,
warming my friends and I.

I am Gabriella


  1. Wow this was very moving. I learnt you think of yourself as a big learner. Obviously you are very gear to learn as we find out in this text. This is probably one of my favorite specimens of writing yet. Can't wait till you post something else. This is a really nice text Gabz
    From your BFF FOREVER

  2. Wow Gabz, this is a great piece of writing. This is very true and relates to you completely (Apart from the fact that you forgot to put the line... I am a chinese wonton eating monkey, Crazy as can be!). I miss doing writing in He Tangata. In my new class we barely ever do writing, which is a shame. You just keep getting better and better at writing. Keep up the good work! Can't wait to see you again. From Sophie Watties Baked Beans :D