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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Hide and seek

“66! 67! 68!
Will the teacher find me?
Run away from everyone!
I start to sweat like water dripping down.
I should go into that bush!
“85! 86! 87!”
Tuck your feet in.
The leaves gliding down.
I strike Into a tree, WHACK!
Hide away and tuck your arms in.
“98! 99! 100!”
Hush hush, she's going to find me I better hurry and find a place to hide!
My heart beats so fast it starts hitting the sides of my stomach.
Don't breathe.
I hear the leaves crunching beneath me.
Don't move.
Remain silent, remain still.
I better find a better hiding place!
People screaming like baboons.
I'm going to lose.
I hear Mrs. Bentall’s footsteps going past.
My face goes bright red.
“Found you!”
So I trudge back.
I wish I could have stayed in for longer.
I see everyone doing the map.
I get writing.
So I have to write while everyone else is playing hide and seek!

By Gabriella.


  1. This piece of writing really flows with the game hide and seek. I had a similar experience this piece really blow my mind. Your writing has improved so much since the start of the year. Now your getting greater stores then ever up on your blog. Keep writing.

    from your friend

  2. Gab this really reminded me of when I hid at st James park. You see I was also in a bush XDXD. Pretty bad place for anyone to hide. But I really think it helped just reading some one else's perspective please post something new soon. You writing is always improving.
    From your friend