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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Speech 2016

Recently our class has been doing a project on speeches. My speech was about siblings, and how annoying they are. I was learning to not give up, I think my goal went pretty well, because I didn't give up. It was going really good until, I ran out of ideas. I had to ask my friends, and then I got back into it. My structure was the worst thing about my speech, well I just think that my structure wasn't structured how I wanted it to be structured. I think my ideas might have connected with the audience, and probably parents.  My ideas connect to the point of view, because I used a lot of the parents point of view, and the children's point of view. I used many language devices but it did not really flow with the structure.
I felt good when I finished my speech. I thought in my head I'm glad that's over and done with. But I read my speech over and I felt so proud of myself, because I've never written a speech before. But overall I think it went really well.
Click here to listen to my speech.

❤️Speech 2016❤️

Picture this… Your iPad is on charge and then somebody comes and steals it, and the next time you go to use your iPad it's flat, uggghhh! You were happily playing with your toys and somebody comes and bites your whole hand off! (Well not literally.) Listen to this… You were happily in your bed and somebody has to share the bed with you and takes all the covers off you, and kicks you. Wouldn't that be annoying.

Also what if this happened to you… You share a room with somebody and that somebody snores!!!! You try to get to sleep, toss and turn, you just can't get to sleep, because that somebody is SNORING!!! And also you can't help that, because that's just what that somebody does! And also that somebody wakes up in the middle of the night let's say 2.00? And turns the light on and you suddenly wake up!

And that somebody is… Drum roll please… Your sibling!

You're by yourself doing nothing, nothing  at all, and your older sibling comes along, and says… “Play with me!” You have no choice, you walk outside, slouching down, and start playing basketball, or something like that. Then you actually start to have fun with them. Every day when your brother or sister asks to play, you automatically say… “YES!!!!!” Are you really getting along?! Now let's get on with it…

Siblings are really really REALLY!!!! awesome, they help you do things, we need them for companionship.  I think siblings can be annoying at times, but when you get along with them, I think you would want to spend heaps of time with them. But then again the bad side of them  -(oh no) fighting!

So you're having a great time playing, basketball, you shoot a goal and you get it in, then your sibling says. “That doesn't count I wasn't ready!” Then you say “Yes! I got it in fair shot!” Then you start fighting…
“Yes!” You keep fighting, then you start hitting each other. Then your parent comes out.
“What's going on here!” Your parent calls. Then you both say…
“It was her/ it was him!” Fighting all the time, that would be chaos. Can this get anymore worse.

Question: Has this happened?:
You are happily playing in your room, you fix your eyes on a little kid, pouring water on the ground  and stamping on sandwiches. You don't really care what he/her is doing, you just keep playing. Then before you know it, your mother is screaming at you.
For crying out loud, mother it wasn't me!
You panic, and you know it was all you little brother or sister's fault. You just get screamed at.
“I didn't do it, I mean it!” you say. Your mother doesn't listen.

You were happily playing the piano, your brother comes over.
“I can play the piano!” You know your brother can't play the piano, so you keep playing.
“Please! can I play the piano!”
“No, you, you can't play!”
“Hmmmph!” Your brother walks out of the room. You keep playing the piano, you hear footsteps coming from behind you. You just keep playing the piano.
Then you hear the wrong note playing, you look next to you, and your brother is playing the piano in the most horrible way.
“ Stop please!”
“Mother it's not me!”
Your brother giggles as he is plays the most horrible song. Then you think He's driving me UP THE WALL. Your brother doesn't stop.
“GO TO YOUR ROOM NOW!!!!” You frown at your brother and storm to your room. It just felt I blew a fuse.

But anyways, I just wanna tell stories. Ok let's tell stories.
Once upon time, there lived a mother and four children, wait wrong story. Ok let's tell the real story…
So you are riding your bike, you are going slow, really slow. You know you're going the fastest you possibly could, you need to get to school now! Why am I going so slow, I'm going as fast as I possibly can, what if somebody slashed the tires, I'm going so fast what has happened. What if somebody changed the gears. You look at the gears and for sure they were changed, siblings!

Like I said stealing is what siblings do all the time, well that's what's mine do, all the time. Like yesterday, my brother stole my charger once again and the same thing happened. My opinion is to ignore them, like my mother says: just ignore your siblings, and if they keep doing it just tell your parents. So that's  what I've done since. And remember the good things we appreciate our siblings for. They keep us company, most if the time. Everyone should learn to appreciate their siblings.


  1. Wow, I can really connect with this Gabriella. You see I have four sisters and you know my siblings make me play games when I want to do something else. They play the key board in the most horrible way. yes, my sisters blame me for things I DIDNT DO AND GUESS WHO GET TOLD OFF??????? ME ME ME. because apparently, I did do it. but yes I agree in general we should respect and geresh our sibling company. One of your best one yet!!!!!!!!!!!! your recording was great, clear and easy to understand. your reflection I found was modest and hopeful for improvement. Keep up the great work. cant wait till you post something new.

  2. Wow Gabriella I really like your blog post I love the detail your speech is sooo good that I want to read it again and again😀. I love the hook and you used lots of detail. And I can connect to that because I have got a younger sister by two years and she is 7. I really think you also put lots of work in your reflection and punctuation😀😜😃👍