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Thursday, 7 July 2016

Case studies

Imagine you are a person going into a park, there is nobody at the park. You are confused, people would be at the park today, it is hot. A person was sitting on a bench (crying,) the person looked like she was not from here… You start talking to yourself because youre confused. The person was sitting right next to the rubbish bin… “Are you ok?” you ask. The person doesn't answer… then she sobs “People are being mean, because I'm not from here,” I start to cry… “Oh, umm… could we move away from the rubbish bin it's quite yuck,” I ask. She quickly moves away from it, I sit down next to her. She starts sobbing she had bright brown eyes and dark hair. Imagine if you were her suffering from prejudice. The person wrap her arm around you, you start to feel a little better, you start talking. “Uhh, so there were two New Zealanders, they started making fun of me,” she explains as she sobs. “And one of them started laughing, I didn't understand what they were meaning.”

What is prejudice? If you do this, you actually don't know who it is. For eg: you have bad clothes are you a hobo. Also there's stereotype and that is when you label someone by who they are and what they look like. Prejudice is like judging people by their size, also judging people by how much money they have. People know that being prejudice is bad. Really, really bad. “Is it really?” Kids say. When I ask my older brother what prejudice is but he doesn't get it I just stop. 

Ms K talked to us about what happened to her. On her first day of school in NZ she was eating her lunch then somebody came up to her and said “do you have a bomb in your lunchbox?” Ms K was astonished. I think that it is really bad what that'd person said.  Doing this will just make people sad :( :( and you don't want want make people sad. Don't worry if you only do this once, but don't do it again. Why don't you help them?  If this happens in your class stop it immediately. 

There are lots of ways to make immigrants happy. You can smile, meet and greet, include. You can ask them to play with you, if they are sad. This would make someone's day happier than it's probably already going. But the problem is heaps of people are discriminated against. All over the world people tease other people over their race. Also they do it over their age, heaps of things. New Zealand is a place where many immigrants are found. In our class we been interviewing immigrants, that came from other countries, I interviewed my friend from South Africa about what makes immigrants feel alienated and included. 

Of course you don't want to make immigrants feel alienated, because immigrants need to feel welcome. Imagine if you were an immigrant feeling unwelcome, alienated that is just bad.

 We can help people make immigrants feel more welcome and that will be good. People have different ideas what they can help to help migrants feel more welcome.  Tips for how to make immigrants feel more welcome are:
Treating immigrants more welcome
Invite them somewhere
Not to tease them
Ask about their country 
Be nice

Do you think you can help immigrants feel more welcome? Can you help, because in the future if everyone helps immigrants then New Zealand won't have any problems like this in the future.   It's important to make immigrants feel more welcome and that is what we need to try do. It's important to know about prejudice, because if somebody is doing it to another person you could stop them, also you might do it and you might not know what to do. But the future could be better if we try.


  1. Gab you left me deep in thought wondering with that last verse which is once again a stunning piece of writing. Oh boy reading all of these have determined me to try not to do prejudice. When are you publishing something new? because I cant wait to read it.

  2. Great ideas Gabriella. I can see that you really care about this issue.