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Thursday, 14 April 2016

My term learning

This is my soundscape from my art work down below clock this link and you can see my soundscape 
I have been learning about the six elements of music which are rhythm, beat, tone colour, pitch, dynamics and tempo. There are things in the elements, for example rest, patterns ostinato, Minums, crotchets, quavers (that is all in rhythm). To show this learning I created a soundscape based on a poem called “where is my peaceful place?” 
And I've been doing art a pastel mountain. 
I did some sounds: I used a shaker for the trees and a water fountain for waterfall. In my soundscape I can use many elements of music and explain why I chose them and their intended impact. My learning was connected because I used heaps of ideas and connected them. E.g The shaker was a tree from my poem from the sentence “the trees sway next to their brothers”. 
I've had a few mistakes and bumps along the way but I worked hard to fix those mistakes and you know what I did and I was proud of myself for doing it and working hard to finish. I started with everyone else, then I was behind because everyone finished their mountain before me (mostly everyone). I've been working on it for ages and ages and I haven't started something else, I've just been working and working. I've been stressed out because I was scared I wasn't gonna get it done but in the end I did it. So I could do that by not getting distracted, to I try not to sit next to my friends so I can focus. Overall it was fun doing a making my soundscape I think I would love to do it again.

My link to my soundscape it will take you to a website that you can see my music

This is my for my soundscape
Where's my peaceful place?

Where the kids get up every day ready to play
and love to get up to a blue sky 
then go to sleep when it's dark.

Where the tui look left and right 
keeping themselves hidden from prey.

Where the hot burning sand burns you as you lay down. 
Where crabs dig into your feet, looking for shelter.

Where water splashes onto your feet and tickles them.
Where the trees dance in the wind.
Where the quails play in the long fresh green grass.
Where the bird copies the child playing soccer.

Where the grass waves to you while you're going pass.
Where the birds fly from one tree to another.
Where the path is winding through the forest, dodging rocks.
Where the water meets with the shore.

This is my peaceful place.

1 comment:

  1. Gab
    Once again you blow my mind how go you do it every single time? I don't think I have ever told you that you are just unbelievable and your writing just takes me over the moon you will be a author one day if you wanna be! If the job you wanna be when you grow up envovles writing well you have a high chance of getting it! I found that your reflection was very honest, humble and thoughtful you definitely put a lot of effort and loyalty into this. Once again your peaceful place poem made me feel like I was one with the world well I read it. Your soundscape that I just listened to defiantly reminded me of Christchurch with the way you held onto the feeling and emotion. Your photo looks fantastic! You really are a outstanding writer who gets lost away in your words.
    From your friend