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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

My home

I stand behind the tall oak tree saying.
This is my home, I live 
here and I will never leave.

Standing in front of the fireplace,
 my Mom calls my name.
 I look outside and see, My
 dog's fur waving 
around in the hot summer breeze.
 At the back of the yard My mom folds
 away the washing.

Tucked away in my bed I look up, into space
Dreaming if I could
 ever touch a real crystal.

On rainy days 
in front of the couch I lay,
watching my baby brother play.

Picking up my toothbrush, I  
brush my teeth.
I also try to wash out, any
thoughts that aren't useful.

On top of my bed
lays my cat. 
The fur of my
enthusiastic cat
brushes onto my hand,
then she rolls, 
on to her back.

Behind the big seat in the car,
I sit down waiting to arrive. 

Me and my family go to Le Bons 
bay for holidays we, sometimes go there for races.

When at the beach, 
I dig in the middle of the sand 
looking for 
stones to throw.

This is my home I live here and I don't want to leave.
 I will stay here forever and ever and this is Christchurch.


  1. Wow Gab this is awesome. I love it when you say the fur of my enthauastic cat that really pictures the image in my head. Well done.

    1. Lily-Grace
      Thanks I love yours to yours is probably better then mine well of course it is so well done to you I think you've done better than me

  2. Gab
    I have told you before we are just as good as each other

  3. Well done Gabby.
    You really pulled me into to your story, I felt like I was there with you to be honest.
    I love this part so much:
    On top of my bed lays my cat. The fur on my enthusiastic cat brushes onto my hand, then she rolls onto her back.
    I can connect with that because I have a cat called Tessa and she does what your cat does ( she's always on my bed )
    Well done Gabby keep on writing.
    From Beth ��

  4. Thanks Beth,
    I really love your blog too, I will comment on your blog. Keep up the great work on your blog too.