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Thursday, 18 February 2016

Where's my peaceful place?

Where the kids get up every day ready to play
and love to get up to a blue sky 
then go to sleep when it's dark.

Where the tui look left and right 
keeping themselves hidden from prey.

Where the hot burning sand burns you as you lay down. 
Where crabs dig into your feet, looking for shelter.

Where water splashes onto your feet and tickles them.
Where the trees dance in the wind.
Where the quails play in the long fresh green grass.
Where the bird copies the child playing soccer.

Where the grass waves to you while you're going pass.
Where the birds fly from one tree to another.
Where the path is winding through the forest, dodging rocks.
Where the water meets with the shore.

This is my peaceful place.




  1. Gab this is great!!!!!!!!!
    My favourite line is like this where the birds fly from one tree to another!🐴🐴🦄
    Your a brilliant publisher can't wait till you do something else!
    Can you publish something else?soon it is just great.

  2. Thanks
    I will and don't forget about your blog😋🙂

  3. I'm gonna publish my new story Wirldness and hope you love and a really big thanks